New bike = new exercise program

Yea!! I have graduated to a “real” motorcycle now. While I loved riding my Blast, it really just wasn’t built for the kinds of travel we’ve ended up doing. Ten hour trips on that tiny seat are not a fun time.

So, I’ve upgraded to more of a cruiser style bike – a Suzuki M50. It’s much bigger, a bit heavier and a lot more powerful. It’s low enough for me to feel safe since I can flat-foot it, but I feel like I’m learning all over again thanks to things like the angle of the front fork and the placement of the feet and the location of the handlebars. Not to mention just getting a bit freaked out about the amount of weight leaning into a turn!

They also seem to have built the controls for someone not just with gigantic hands, but gigantic and really strong hands. I had my mechanic adjust the clutch (I know, I can do it myself, but he already h

ad it in to change the tires) to get the friction zone in a more comfortable place. But just 30 minutes of riding and my hands are tired, tired, tired.

Which meant getting some non-standard motorcycle gear. Gotta build up that hand strength now that riding season is here! (And bonus – building that hand strength will also be key for using a hand gun. Which is another post … .)

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