Sherlock Holmes Through Time And Space

Date finished: 7-22-08
Author: Multiple – collection edited by Isaac Asimov
Category: Mystery, short story
Published: 1986
Pages: 355

Basic Plot:
Collection of short stories by well known science fiction writers that either build on the Sherlock Holmes cannon or use it as a jumping off point for creating new characters.

My assessment:
Some of these were quite good, some weird and some … well, they can’t all be great. My favorites were the ones that took you further afield from the original stories – making Holmes a dog or a human who became smart by mind-swapping with an alien. It was a bit dated as a collection and that showed occasionally. Many of the stories were by big names in science fiction 30 years ago. Would love to see a more modern grouping.

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  1. Noticed your tweet about this book…what a good blog this is! Happy to have found it.

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