Accounting Firm Website

UPDATED again in 2018

As part of a refresh of the firm’s brand, in addition to a revamp of the logo, we made some additional tweaks to the website. The largest of these was the shift from abstract arrow images in firm colors to landscape and other shots representative of the state. The change added some additional color to the pages and a greater connection to their brand as a regional firm.

The shot here shows the entire home page, which was kept simple and clean even with the addition of more colorful photos. The overall navigation and structure of the site didn’t change this time.

Took an outdated website and redesigned the look and navigation to better fit the story/image of the firm. Project included rewriting copy from the original site to better fit the new structure, sourcing and customizing images, and selecting/customizing the theme.

Site was built on WordPress previously, so we kept that, although I just blew the whole thing up and started from scratch with a new install, theme and sitemap. Some custom CSS work to get certain parts of the theme function like we wanted.

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