Wishing and hoping and thinking and … getting nowhere

You won’t get him
Thinking and a-praying, wishing and a-hoping
‘Cause wishing and hoping and thinking and praying
Planning and dreaming his kisses will start
That won’t get you into his heart

Wise words from Dusty Springfield, folks. She understood that it takes action to get what you want.

Been pondering that lately as some of my normal activity has been curtailed. Leaves a lot of room for thinking (and wishing and planning). And revisiting some old ideas for books and articles and blogs and money making that I’ve come up with in the past. Time to move to action on some of these or learn to let them go.

Are you sitting on an idea that’s going nowhere because you’re stuck in the dreaming phase? What are you going to do about it?

Just to get the earworm going for you too (and proof lip-synching for TV performances has a long, long history), Dusty Springfield, ladies and gentlemen!

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