I want my mommy …

Came down to South Texas to spend a week in my swimsuit hanging with my mom, sister and a passel of kids.

Worst vacation ever.

I arrived Sunday afternoon and by that evening, I was asking my sister just what was up with my mom. Mom had helped me put sheets on a blow-up bed, then come to ask me what I had done with the bed. While we were standing in the room with the bed. A few more things like that and we were sure something was not right here.

Got her to the doctor the next day, but it was going to take three weeks to see a specialist. Given the fact that her mental state had precipitously declined over just a few days, we weren’t waiting. Trucked her off to the emergency room and by the next morning, she was in surgery.

Brain cancer.

Not just cancer, but stage four, highly malignant cancer. A tumor growing right in her forehead where it affects her cognition, behavior and personality.

Fast forward two weeks and here we are. Waiting for her to recover physically and mentally enough so we can do battle with the cancer. Waiting for her to stall out on recovery so we know that battle won’t happen. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

The level of unknown here is just killing me. And none of the potential paths ahead will be easy or ideal.

It’s times like this that you want your mommy.

6 thoughts on “I want my mommy …”

  1. Susan, I am so sorry. I know the pain of the fear and the waiting. It’s simply brutal. You will be in my thoughts and prayers….

    1. Thanks, Gina. Patience isn’t a virtue my family has, but God seems determined to teach it to us. Appreciate the prayers.

  2. Hello, my name is Sandra Elizondo. I am a former student of your mother. While I was her student, she and I established a friendship. I become extremely found of your mother. I am so sorry to hear about her illness. I was wondering the name of rehab hospital where she is rebuilding her strength. I also would liketo know if I could come by and visit with her.

    1. Hi, Sandra. Saw that you already saw my reply to you over on Facebook. I’ll be sure to let you know when mom is up for visitors.

  3. Susan, I talked with Kevvy today and heard the news. I am sorry to hear about your mom and how fast all of this happened. Please know that she and all of your family are in our prayers. Our family is dealing with cancer this year as well and I agree the unknown is not fun. It is times like these we must truly trust in God and know that he will take care of us…

    1. Thanks, Mike. Sorry to hear about your sister. Here’s to putting up a good fight and to many more years with both of them!

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