Parking lot etiquette

Buy at Art.comNothing like shopping during a busy holiday weekend to get me started on a rant. Seriously. One of my biggest, grandest, hugest pet peeves is about the way people drive in a parking lot. Way as in direction, that is. (Crazy parking lot drivers are another issue.)

Why is it so difficult for people to figure out when an aisle of a parking lot is one way? It’s not that complicated, really. Are the butts of the cars facing toward you? Can you just drive straight into an empty spot? Then you’re good. Are the backends of the cars facing away? Do you have to back into the spot or do a wide swing to get into the spot? Is there barely enough room to get past a car coming at you from the other direction? YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!

Now, I know. I’m an insane rule follower, particularly when the purpose of the rules is to make things run smoothly for a group. And someone out there is thinking there are more important things to get my knickers in a twist about. But really, this is a bit of a safety issue. When the aisles of a parking lot are designed to be one way, there is usually not enough room for two cars to pass each other in the aisle. Not to mention the fact that you increase the risk of hitting cars if you try to actually park while going the wrong way. It’s not that difficult and it makes life easier for everyone, OK?

(Yep, I know. We live in a society now that’s narcissistic. So you think I should just get out of your way because you should get to do whatever you want. We need more considerate people in the world.)

We won’t even get into the issue of randomly left carts or people who put them in the flower beds like that’s better. OK. I feel better now.

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  1. One of my pet peeves. I’m not sure which behavior I despise more: Driving down the wrong way, or zooming through the parking lot as if it were a highway. Then they honk at you as if *you’re* the idiot for trying to ease out of your parking space.

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