Paisley’s review of PlanetDog disc

So, our friend Anthony over at k9cuisine sent Paisley a new frisbee* recently. Chasing frisbees is her main source of exercise since she hates walks (weird dog) and she had finally broken her last one. This is a blue and orange disc from PlanetDog with the orange part a hard plastic like a regular frisbee and the blue part a softer rubber-like material.

She loves it. She will choose it every time over the regular frisbee. (Although, if they’re both out there, she’ll try to pick them up together. Hilarity ensues. 🙂 The humans – we’d rather use the regular frisbee. Guess who wins?
The PlanetDog disc is much heavier than a standard frisbee, which takes a little getting used to. You have to really fling to get it to go the length of the yard. And I have yet to actually get Paisley to catch it, although Kevin reports that she’s caught it for him. So I’m not sure if it’s harder for her to catch because it’s heavier or if she just likes chasing/attacking it on the ground. She does tend to pounce on it a lot once it dies.

So far, it’s holding up really well. Paisley has little teeny teeth that don’t exactly cause a lot of damage to anything and despite her fondness for chewing on the PlanetDog disc, you don’t really tell that much. The tag on the disc promised a minty taste (I licked it and didn’t taste anything), so maybe that explains her desire to chew it.
So this is the frisbee of choice here now as it’s the one Paisley wants to play with. Sometimes without me. 🙂
(*Note: the frisbee was a gift with no requirement for review. But Paisley insisted on sharing.)

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