No cheering for infidelity

Not going to do it.

Don’t care how bad you make their situation. Don’t care about soulmates. Don’t care how much romantic music you swell up in the background.

I’m not cheering for infidelity.

It’s a common theme in movies and books. People trapped in a loveless/abusive/neglectful (pick one) marriage discover love with someone not their spouse. And now we’re supposed root for them to abandon their vows, seek happiness without regard for consequences and run off into the sunset with each other.

Get real.

There is nothing romantic about infidelity. And there is little permanent about selfish happiness.

So stop it already, OK? I hearby declare a moratorium in my household on movies that involve such plotlines. If you’ve never lived through the pain infidelity can cause a family, you might think I’m going a little off the deep end; you probably don’t feel quite so sensitively toward that subject. But any married person should be ticked at the casual way infidelity gets bandied about.

(Yes, I just watched a movie this weekend with such a story line. They didn’t end up together, but you were definitely supposed to root for them to do so. Am I the only person who just thinks this is wrong?)

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