Owning a dog is hard work!

I had no idea before we got a dog just how much work it could be. No one told me you had to trim their toenails or brush their teeth or stuff pills down their throats. Seriously, did you realize giving a dog vitamins is a good idea? I had no clue, but now (along with the panalopy of pills Plaid gets) we have to do vitamins. I’m horrible about staying on top of their teeth and nails, but at least I can give them pills without any problem. And thank goodness for Drs. Foster and Smith!! I had all Plaid’s prescriptions sent up there and I think we saved a couple hundred dollars by the time we were done. They also carry all the vitamins and mineral pills I have to get, also at a much better rate than we can get at the vet or pet store. With two of them to deal with, it starts to add up after a while!

They’re celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, so you can save 25% off on lots of stuff during their anniversary sale.

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