*&#(*^( dishwasher!!!

Great. So we’re a few weeks away from having the kitchen torn up and replacing all the appliances anyway. And the dishwasher decides to break. That’s OK since we were going to replace it. But it means I have an extra couple of weeks now of handwashing dishes. We talked about just buying the new one right now, but I haven’t done my research as yet and am not sure we’d get one the same size. Boo!!!

Discovered there is such a thing as a countertop dishwasher. Seriously. Like the size of a microwave maybe. Might be a good short-term option. Don’t want it cluttering up things afterward, though.
I had thought about getting one of those models with the two drawers. Seems like a good idea when you have only two people. I seem to fill up the top or bottom rack faster than the other. I’ve heard good and bad things about them, so they’ll require a little more homework, but might be a good option. (Expensive though!)
I also need to decide if I want to have the stainless steel front like the fridge and oven or if I want to hide it with a panel that matches the cabinets like this Fagor model. Looks nice, but it might be weird to hide some appliances and not others. Again, more expensive to do this than just a plain front.
And then there’s the weird ones I’ve found just in my initial research. I can’t imagine giving up half my sink space for this guy, but maybe it’s no different than just setting dishes in the sink. After all, they’d be getting clean at the same time.

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