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The Captain did a post recently about the dips lensmasters can hit. (The Dip is the latest book from marketing guru Seth Godin.) He provides some great insights into where and why these happen.

I’m finding myself in a bit of a dip right now, although I’m in a different place than any of Captain’s spots. But it’s got me a little frustrated. I’m tired of seeing 0s in my royalties area and with spending tons of time setting up shops only to get nothing out of them. I’m trying to figure out where and how I can and should do more of the writing and created better focused lenses. I start with big ideas that take hours to put together and then get no traffic because – guess what? No one really cares about that. But how to better figure it out in advance? I don’t want to be doing any band-wagon kinds of lenses. Those are also a waste of time. Man, this post has gotten rambly!! Typical unfocused Susan.

Here are my general current frustrations:

  • too many ideas
  • too little time
  • not enough focus to promotion of lenses
  • frustrated by lack of sales
  • low roi for store lenses
  • be more targeted in choosing topics

I always say I need a plan. I’m just not entirely sure what to plan at this point.

6 thoughts on “Just venting”

  1. I’m feeling a bit of frustration myself, though it’s not Squidoo-related just yet– I feel like I’ve only just started getting serious about Squidoo and will need a little more time before I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. 🙂

    Ever heard the story about a guy who tried drilling for gold in Colorado and finally quit–not realizing he stopped just three feet away from the jackpot? Who knows, you might be closer to the gold than you think!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. (Why do you always seem to be so calm and steady? 🙂 When I look at my spreadsheet and see all that I haven’t done to promote my lenses, I feel a little sheepish about my gripes. But the posting to bookmarking sites stuff if boring. Boring. But necessary, I know. Need to starting doing more and quit griping so much!!

  3. I’m bad myself when it comes to promoting lenses and getting more backlinks. It’s tedious, not very gratifying, and occasionally worrisome (will someone scream “spam” at me?). Like cleaning the toilet. Well, all right, it’s not THAT bad, but my point remains the same!

    Maybe there’s a way to make it more fun…

  4. Victoria and Lewister, I have had obscenely spectacular luck by re-analyzing how I use tags on my lenses. JUST by re-tagging I’ve been able to pull a lot of my 0-2 hits a week lenses up into the 6-10 + a range. While not earth shattering it’s at least not as mind numbingly boring as bookmarking.

    I’ve got a series on Captain Squid that describes the tagging but if you want some specific examples shoot me an e-mail.

    Arrr, Happy Squidooing !

  5. Hey, we don’t allow obscenity on this blog!! 🙂 But I’m not entirely sure I buy that analyzing tags isn’t as boring as bookmarking.

  6. c’mon…. It only takes like 2 minutes a lens once you get on a roll…

    Ok, fine, it’s boring. but I think it’s more effective then bookmarking a lot of times..

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