Finding the play in work

Buy at Art.comWhen I was a kid, my playtime was all about imagination. I was creating a fort in the bushes with my brother or taking Barbie on amazing adventures with my neighbor. Time not out running around was spent with my friends Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Encyclopedia Brown, Ramona and Misty romping around the world. Coloring wasn’t so much about scribbling as it was about designing a beautiful world for Strawberry Shortcake to live in.

Taking application from Kevin Carroll’s book – The Red Rubber Ball at Work – I can see where the things I loved to do as a child are still the things I love to do today – color, create, imagine, read, explore.

As I’ve looked at my career goal (again and again and again), I’ve tried to ensure that what I’ve laid out is consistent with the standard of play for me. Part of what I want to change is moving from work that is fun on a sporadic basis to a life that is full of fun. Without the fun, I might as well have just stayed where I was.

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