A fun brainstorm

Buy at Art.comSeth Godin keeps telling us that ideas are common. Don’t get caught up in the fact that you’re good at coming up with ideas. Which I am.

This is hard for me to hear, because it’s such a part of who I am – the Idea Hamster. I am the brainstorming queen, the one who’s always coming up with some new idea that would just be so cool.

Ask me how many of those ideas I’ve ever done. Go ahead.


So just how valuable were those ideas? Worthless. Seth’s point to all of us is that ideas are easy to come by. It’s the person who executes on it that is truly valuable. Without execution, you just have an intangible thought that might make you feel brilliant, but certainly doesn’t make you rich.

Just to make the point, Seth had all the members of the SAMBA team brainstorm 111 ideas each. Curious what the great minds came up with? We actually posted it out to our public blog for all the world to see. The (cleaned up) e-book version will be coming soon as well. That’s 999 sometimes brilliant, sometimes odd, sometimes cool business ideas open for anyone to try.

And remember, not a single one of those ideas is valuable unless someone does something with it. Let me know if you do. (And send us cookies to celebrate!)

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