Commit: I need a system!!

So far, I’ve managed to get up to almost 100 lenses without a real clue as to what I’m doing. How? you might ask. By just being me – obsessive, creative, determined. Yadda, yadda. But I’m finding that I’m jumping after new ideas before I’ve managed to finish the old. And that I’m not going back to update lenses with fresh content or new modules as I should. Nor do I seem to be getting the most out of my affiliate relationships. Sigh.

*** If you’re a new reader, that’s my favorite word. Sigh ***
I haven’t really been keeping very good track of my stats. I don’t make the rounds of the networking sites like I should. I don’t visit other lenses in the groups I’ve joined. And I probably spend way too much time working (playing? piddling?) on this stuff without real ROI in mind. Because some of them have become more work than fun and the work part would be just fine if they made money.
I’m feeling the need to be more strategic here. So here’s the plan. (Because we all know how well I do at meeting my goals, even when put out there for everyone to see!) I will finish the two series I have in the works and all other WIP lenses. Then there will be no more new lenses (unless I just have a desperately good idea that I can whip out quickly?) made until I get everything else into shape. This means:
  1. revamping old lenses to utilize all available module options
  2. adding content such as subheaders to help boost SEO
  3. writing an article about each and every topic I’ve got a lens on and posting them to Gather
  4. getting every lens submitted (at the rate of two a day!) to
  5. getting every eligible lens submitted to Squoogle
  6. getting into the Isle of Squid and submit lenses
  7. start Digging my own lenses and blog posts
  8. re-evaluate my Google alerts to see which ones are giving me useful info and which are a waste of time
Once that’s done, I shall commit to developing a schedule for promoting and maintenance. Sigh. That just doesn’t sound like much fun. I guess I should also commit to working on expanding within my current space – like lenses on the different hair charities and so forth.

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  1. I feel for you! I could have written this post myself. I am so behind on the promotion end of Squidooing.

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