Am I the only person who can’t wear flip flops?

Think! Julia 82330 (Women's) - Black NappaEvery where I go, it seems like the footwear of choice is the flip flip (or thong, if you prefer). Every one has them on. Unfortunately, they seem to all be wearing the thick soled functional type or the public-shower kind. Clarks Spa (Women's) - Red Patent LeatherWhy, when there are so many cute styles out there? They can’t be that much more comfortable, can they? And you can’t say that the Crocs Capri I talked about earlier wouldn’t be cute and comfortable.

Skechers Sole Searcher (Women's) - GreenNot that I would know. I seem to be cursed with the inability to wear shoes that go between my toes. The skin there just never seems to be able to toughen up enough to handle all the extra rubbing. Which has left me out of this particular trend. Given the ugly styles you see roaming the malls these days, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

But there are some cute flip-flops out there (like the ones I’ve featured here). So what’s a girl to do? Suffer? No I say!! (How’s that for authoritative. 🙂

I have a lot of issues with shoes in general, so there are two tricks I’ve found that help with any particular types of rubbing issues you might encounter. The first is Bodyglide Anti Blister and Chafing Stick, which you apply kind of like deodorant to the places where your shoes (or other items) chafe. It creates a barrier between you and the item to reduce irritation. Item two is clear first aid tape. Yep. It sounds weird, but it’s meant for use on your skin, so it will stick without irritating you. It’s flexible, so it can go around all your weird body angles. And it’s clear, so it’s not that noticeable when you’ve got it on your heel under a slingback strap.

(All these cute shoes I featured here are available at, where you can get free shipping and free returns.)

2 thoughts on “Am I the only person who can’t wear flip flops?”

  1. Hi! I’m a lurker…

    That said. I think you may have just changed my shoe world.

    Thank you.

    Very very very much!

  2. Well, Clink, you are very, very welcome. Can’t tell you how much better life got for me once I figured out the clear tape thing!

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