Politics and Other Philosophy

Sharing my rantings and wonderings.

Writing your representative or senator

Yes, there are many times when I feel it’s an exercise in futility, but I continue to try to get the attention of my elected “representatives” in Washington. My last missives were a plea to vote against for corporate welfare…
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Can we drop the”if”?

Sorry if I hurt you Sorry if you didn’t get the email Sorry if it didn’t arrive on time If, if, if. Usually, there’s no “if” about this situation, so why does it get tossed in? Do we really suck…
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Compensation policy

Oh – Now that it’s December, I guess I’m supposed to say something about the fact that yes, I do make money when you buy things via this blog. And, well, that’s all I’m going to say. I’ll work up…
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No cheering for infidelity

Not going to do it. Don’t care how bad you make their situation. Don’t care about soulmates. Don’t care how much romantic music you swell up in the background. I’m not cheering for infidelity. It’s a common theme in movies…
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