Counting down to July 15 for latest Joss Whedon project

Love anything Joss Whedon does, so can’t wait for this to get here. I’m sure it will be tons of fun. Singing! Evil guys! Funny (punny) jokes as only Joss can deliver! Awesome! Post from The Life of Lewister

Parking lot etiquette

Nothing like shopping during a busy holiday weekend to get me started on a rant. Seriously. One of my biggest, grandest, hugest pet peeves is about the way people drive in a parking lot. Way as in direction, that is. (Crazy parking lot drivers are another issue.) Why is it…

Muddle Earth

Facts:Date finished: 6-29-08Author: Paul Stewart & Chris RiddellCategory: Fantasy, Children’sPublished: 2003Pages: 450Rating: 4/5 Basic Plot:Joe Jefferson is just trying to escape the chaos of his house when he takes his dog, Henry, out for a walk. But a muttered spell by the greatest (and only) wizard in Muddle Earth takes…

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