Under the Eagle

Facts:Date finished: 6-12-08Author: Simon ScarrowCategory: Historical fictionPublished: 2000Pages: 246Rating: 5/5 Basic Plot:It’s 42 A.D. and the Second Legion is defending the borders of the empire in Germany. Former slave Cato joins the legion and learns what life on the front lines is like for the Roman army in clashes with…

The power of an adjective

Saw a container of peanuts at Whole Foods as I was checking out with dinner tonight. Labeled as “Virginia” peanuts. Which seems to suddenly make them twice as expensive as regular old peanuts from such ordinary states like Georgia. The adjective doesn’t add any value in and of itself really….

Learning to let go

I have a problem. I tend to fall in love with ideas. Ideas that aren’t bad necessarily, but ones that may or may not pan out based on my goals. But I hate to let go of them. I don’t want to let go. They’re my ideas. I love them….

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Facts:Date finished: 6-9-08Author: Trenton Lee StewartCategory: Children’s (10-12)Published: 2007Pages: 485Rating: 5/5 Basic Plot:A classified ad in the paper is all it took to change Reynie Muldoon’s life forever. He shows up to take a mysterious test with odd questions and finds himself drafted with three other children into an undercover…

Women Who Make the World Worse

Facts:Date finished: 6-6-08Author: Kate O’BeirneCategory: Non-fictionPublished: 2006Pages: 199Rating: 5/5 Basic Plot:O’Beirne examines how the radical feminists are damaging schools, families, the military and sports. She catalogs the side effects of what people tend to take as being a good thing, looking at the ripple effect through society and the true…