Quilt commission complete

Apparently, part of why I couldn’t get anything posted was my obsession with a commission I took on. A friend from the Chorus ran into me at the fabric store one day and thus discovered I quilted. Which led to my taking on a new t-shirt quilt project. That included all kinds of stuff besides t-shirts – there are boxer shorts, soccer shorts, baby clothes, time-out mat and a book bag as well!

I love these projects where there’s not a pattern to follow. You just kind of make things up as you go along and puzzle out how to make it make sense. Lots of measuring, planning, figuring and futzing involved. And if that part isn’t enough to make it not for the faint of heart, you have to cut up someone’s precious memories. There is no going to buy more of a fabric if you mess up. (Only got freaked by that one time, fortunately.) I even did some hand embroidery on the front to do the “label”; remembering why I don’t like hand work.

Backed this guy with minke, which is uber heavy and warm and soft. And got all kinds of crap in my machine. Had to take it apart to clean it twice during the tacking. The quilt was tacked using a fancy stitch on my machine and I did a self-binding with the minke. And it’s long – Kevin’s 6’1″ and it’s still dragging the floor with him holding it. 🙂

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