The Dip

Date finished: 9-2-08
Author: Seth Godin
Category: Non-fiction
Published: 2007
Pages: 80
Rating: 5/5

Basic plot:
Brief discourse on the importance of quitting and knowing when to quit and when to push through “the dip” to reach greatness.

My assessment:
Note that I believe Seth is god, so I love anything he’s written. This one is no exception, although I’m a bit late to the party. Turns out, that was for good reason. This book came at a timely juncture for me. Making some choices on a variety things in my life right now where I have to decide about cutting my losses in one area so that I can pursue other options. Seth lays out the guidelines for understanding when something is a dead-end and should be dropped as opposed to something that is just dipping a bit and could be great. Once you figure out whether it’s a no-win situation vs. a high-potential, the decision to quit or not is an easy one.

But you also have to make the decision to commit all your resources, all your strength, all your creativity, all your effort to make it to the other side of the dip. To not take it half-heartedly. To not accept mediocre. And there lies the real challenge, I think.

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