The Deadly Dance

Date finished: 5-10-05
Author: M.C. Beacon
Category: Mystery (cosy)
Published: 2004
Pages: 233

Basic plot:
Agatha Raisin leaves the world of amateur detective behind as she opens up a detective agency, giving her “official” status. Missing cats and straying husbands are getting her down when her first “real” case comes in the door — a death threat to the daughter of wealthy divorcee Catherine Laggat-Brown. Agatha’s snooping uncovers a plot meant for the mother rather than the daughter, sending Agatha on two trips to Paris and almost to her death at the hands of her new neighbor.

My assessment:
I’m not sure this technically fits into the cozy category anymore since Agatha has become a professional. Not sure the mystery holds any more depth than previous ones. As always, just a good, mindless read in which, if you bother to think as you read, you can figure out the plot miles away. Titles have changed. Used to be “Agatha Raisin and the –.” Guess Beacon wants to distinguish between the “amateur” and “professional” Agatha.

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