Provocative Faith

Date finished: 5-17-08
Author: Matthew Paul Turner
Category: Non-Fiction
Published: 2005
Pages: 190

Basic Plot:
Turner breaks faith down into various components, sometimes ones not normally associated with faith such as joy and community. He takes a look at each and considers how a deeper faith can become a provocative way to live.

My assessment:
This book was a tough slough at first. For something with the word “provocative” in the title, it wasn’t really that provoking. So it’s been sitting around half read for quite some time as a result. (One of the great things about a review blog is it makes you get things done!) I still feel as though Turner didn’t walk far enough away from ordinary (the subtitle of the book) with the subject matter. I’ve obviously been in church and around church people too long.

That said, as I worked my way toward the end of the book, two chapters did strike home – the ones on joy and love. I admit, these are serious problem areas for me. I’m naturally cynical and extremely selfish. (See, it’s good I’m not a parent.) So I’m left pondering the role of joy and love in my life, where and how they’re missing and what that says about the current state of my relationship with God. And pondering is good. That is being provoked. 🙂

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