Creature Cozies

Date finished: 5-21-05
Category: Mystery (short stories)
Published: 2005
Pages: 306

Basic Plot:
11 short stories written by some top names in mystery and crime fiction. Each story included as a key component the actual pet of the writer.

My assessment:
I don’t read many short stories. Not sure why that is. And there are just too many cats owned by writers. I finally ended up skipping several stories because they revolved around cats instead of dogs. Did enjoy the ones I read. I’m constantly amazed by how writers are able to get a complete story, with semi-complete characters, in such a small amount of space. As a dog owner, I could totally relate to the affection they seemed to show for their pets and the personal notes at the beginning of each story talking about the pet. Some of the stories involved characters from the authors’ novels. Am interested to pursue some of these writings.

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