Social Media Campaign

The Women’s Chorus of Dallas was celebrating its 30th season. As part of that, I created a logo for the event and developed a theme around Memphis design, which was popular at the time the organization was founded and making a comeback in 2019. One of the many items I…

Product/Service Campaign Flyer

The accounting firm wanted to create a campaign to increase business in the single audit arena. We choose to focus on research around the quality of single audit work and highlight how the firm met or exceeded the necessary criteria. The information was compiled into a single flyer with individual…

Casual Firm T-shirt

I was asked to design a shirt for the accounting firm that would reflect its refocus on Texas as its main market. The shirt would be worn and given out at recruiting events and volunteer activities. I provided a couple of options for the final design with additional graphics to…

Recruiting Banner

Banner in use at recruiting events, along with the shirts and other designs.

Service Flyer

Client asked for a single page flyer that could be sent to anyone asking for a brief rundown of the firm’s qualifications in working with corporate clients. The overall design was coordinated to the look we had created for other pieces used in the firm’s marketing.

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