Why I’m here

I am always on the hunt for more information about women’s ministry – the hows, the whats, the “why did I ever agree to do this?” kind of stuff. I’m not sure if it’s because women are less likely to communicate through impersonal means (i.e. the internet) but there is a severe lack of informaton on the web for those of us in ministry. At least, the kind I’m looking for. And what kind of information would that be? Updated, relevant, focusing more on making a difference than on having the perfect centerpiece. So I thought I’d try my hand at developing some of that content I’m not seeing.

So you’ll see everything from commentary on my current Bible study to my frustrations with volunteer management to programming ideas. My head is full of more stuff than I will ever be able to use, so I’ll be quite happy to see it used somewhere.

This is also a learning experience for me – my first with blogs. Please be patient as I attempt to master this communication form.

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