What’s up with Oscar the Grouch these days?

You tell me – what’s wrong with this picture. I’ll give you a minute.

Tick, tick, tick. Time’s up.

Yep. Oscar has a huge smile on his face. What’s up with that? Has he changed his last name or something? Is he no longer grouchy?

If you watch the show, then you’ll know they have softened Oscar a bit over the years, but he’s still a cranky guy. So what’s with the big smile on these stickers? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s trash day?

What’s with the desire to whitewash things? Doesn’t Oscar provide opportunities to talk about unacceptable behavior and how to deal with it? After all, not everyone around us is constantly sunny. (Thank God. I might have to hurt them.) Next thing you know, they’re going to make Eeyore happy. And thus the world will end.

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