Princess baseball?

I know girls are often an odd mix of girly and tomboyish. I know I was – playing forts with my brother one minute, Barbies with my neighbor friend the next.

But this combination has my head in a bit of a spin. A Disney Princess baseball set? Seriously? It’s not like they even redesigned the princesses to be wearing baseball uniforms. Nope. They’re still in full ball regalia, complete with tiaras. (I’m surprised the set doesn’t come with a tiara baseball cap.)

I suppose I could see my niece, even at the age of six, using something like this without the slightest sense of irony. (She’s all about princess power.) But in general, this just seems to be stretching it a bit with the branding. (Course, at the rate Disney’s going, they’ll soon have enough princesses to field a team.)

Am I over-thinking it again? Or are we agreed that this is just plain weird?

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