Inviter mentality

How do people come to your women’s ministry? Or your church for that matter? Does the rule of thumb hold true for you that most of your visitors come because of a personal invitation?

I have personally noticed that women are more likely to attend an event if I personally invite them, just as they are more likely to serve if I ask them rather than rely on an announcement in the bulletin. This is pretty intuitive since women in general are pretty relational, even those of us who are slightly reclusive.

But it isn’t possible (or even desirable) for me to do all the inviting. So how do we get our women thinking about issuing invites. There are some great tips in ChurchMarketingSucks’ recent post on bringing people to church.

I struggle with what more to do as we have implemented many of these ideas within our women’s ministry. But that doesn’t mean we’ve moved to an “inviter” mentality. How do you really move your people toward that?

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