Yowser! I’ll just stay inside!

Well, I’ll probably just be staying inside anyway thanks to the viscous mosquitos we breed in our backyard. But, regardless, I need to replace our patio chairs. We have (had) those plastic adirondack chairs, which I think I bought at Lowe’s for $25 each ages ago. They’re really comfortable, easy to keep clean, just great. But also broken. We’ve already had to toss one because it decided to have a split personality and the remaining one is creaking away. But, alas, I can’t find replacements at the four stores I’ve been to so far. So I started looking online.

Adirondack Chair - Curve TopAckk!! What on earth happened to the price of plastic lawn chairs in the past five years? If you can find them, that is. We’re talking starting prices of above $200!! This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I started looking. In fact, check out this beauty from one of my favorite websites – Stack and Stacks. Can you guess how much it cost? If you shot below $600, you shot too low. Now, it’s wood and plastic and very stylish to boot, but yikes!

That said, the same site does have some less pricy options, including some lovely ones made from meranti wood in bright colors that run around $100. But still, no simple plastic ones. I shall keep looking. Sigh.

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