Upcoming season for Women’s Chorus of Dallas

I just finished putting all the dates on my Google calendar for our upcoming season for The Women’s Chorus of Dallas. And I’m pooped now. We have so much going on this year!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the chorus, so that of course means a lot of celebration. In fact, we’re having a whole weekend of it in October with former singers coming in and a big commemoration concert.

Following closely behind that is our annual Gifts & Glitter fundraiser. We’re still going to be doing the silent auction (so let me know if you have something to donate for it), but instead of the live auction, we’re having a casino night. Now, I’m just a little sad about this. I didn’t register for the auction last year and wish I had as there was some cool stuff like a trip to Tokyo that I wish I had bid on. I just didn’t really understand everything that would be available for bidding. Now we won’t have that part at all. And I’m not much of a casino girl. But, everyone’s excited and convinced that this will be a better fundraising option for us. (And given that we just finished our previous year in the black, we want to keep it up and raise as much money as we can!)

Our spring concert will be in April, which is a nice change. We typically have two concerts, one during spring break and another for Mother’s Day. It was always tough learning all the music for each and people inevitably had schedule conflicts. So this should work much better.

The two really big new things for the season though are that we will be singing on a Carnival Cruise in June going out of Galveston and recording a CD! My plans are to go on another mission trip next summer, so the cruise is out, but I’m stoked about the CD. It sounds all glamorous, but I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work. Like one never-ending dress rehearsal. 🙂

You’ll be hearing more from me on this topic as the season progresses, including how you can get tickets!! (Hint, hint!)

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