Now I need to go to Philly

Several years back, we had a trip planned to Philadelphia. Just a quick weekend trip up to check out the town, go to the baseball game, nothing fancy. In fact, it was one of those lovely last-minute deals you can get on airfare. Then Kevin broke his elbow on Friday night and so much for the weekend.

Not sure why, but we’ve never gotten around to re-planning that trip. (The elbow incident marked a string of three straight years with surgery, but he’s been surgery free for a while now.) But I have an even better reason to want to go now than just the Phillies or Constitution Hall.

Ran across this restaurant about 35 miles outside of town called Talula, where you apparently have to make your reservation a year in advance! (Which would make me actually plan!) The phones open up at 7 a.m. and there’s only 8-12 seats – for the next year on that date. Wow. And after taking a look through the menu, I’m ready to sign up. (Not sure why I’m letting you in on it as that is likely to just make it harder for me to get in!!) Looks like Philly will be going on the itinerary as soon as I can get a reservation. Whee!!

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