New glasses have arrived

Video post!! I really should do more of these. Showing off my new glasses from Zenni Optical, which arrived Monday. (That was one fast boat from China!) I got four pair, including a pair of sunglasses for the whopping price of $167 – about $50 less than what I paid for my last pair of glasses from the doctor.

I screwed up with one pair – ordered too narrow a frame, although I’m adapting – and the brilliant green pair┬áthat I’ve been talking about on Twitter turned out to not be quite so brilliant a green in person. Adore my sunglasses and my red every day pair are perfect.

This is at least the third time I’ve ordered from Zenni and my husband has gotten glasses from there as well, so if you’re thinking about ordering glasses online, I can vouch for them. Great source for learning more about the different places you can get glasses online as well as information about ordering is GlassyEyes.
My extra tips on ordering:
  • Customer service isn’t the same as regular stores. Some of the online optical stores only do customer service via email, so stop trying to call, already! Understand that this is one of the things you yield in order to get a great price.
  • Know what works for your face. That means style, color and size. You’ll be using all that to make an educated guess when you order online. (Although, there are a couple of sellers that allow you to upload a picture in order to “try” on styles before you order.)
Happy to answer any questions I can if you’re thinking about ordering your next pair of glasses online.

(See those boxes off to the right of the screen? Those are wheels. For a car. That I want out of my house. If you’d like some nice wheels, let me know and I’ll send you details. I think they’re the race wheels from hubby’s M3, which we don’t have anymore.)

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