Loving my miss match self

Have I mentioned how much I love Little Miss Matched? I was first introduced to the socks by Seth’s blog (and he really does wear them every day!) and so of course, I had to do a lens – one on the socks and other gear and another on the bedding and furniture.

Being in New York – home of Little MissMatch – I’ve had the opportunity to track down LMM products to see them for myself and they’re even better in person than I expected. There’s a kiosk in Grand Central Station (a full store coming this spring!) so I got to check out a sampling of items in person and wow!

The colors on everything are vibrant and brilliant and the quality far surpasses my expectations. The fuzzy wuzzy winter gear is amazingly soft and my friend reports the gloves are actually quite warm.
And a lot of it is in the clearance area right now on the site and well worth looking at as options for next winter. I scored socks in the new spring designs and one of my friends got a pair of the flannel pajamas. (It’ll be winter for a while still where she lives.)

Can’t wait for the full store to open in May! I’m hoping they’ll carry some of the bedding so I can check it out as well and report back. But given the quality of what I’m seeing in the socks and gifts, I have no doubt that they’re worth investing in. If you know a preteen girl (or a woman with a keen sense of fun), anything from them makes a great gift idea!!

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