I am evolving

Buy at Art.comEverywhere I go these days, I notice things I never did before. And I think about them. I try to figure out what they are, what they mean, why they are.

I ponder why Sarabeth chose to change her story with a restaurant in The Whitney. Does she really make enough money with the rude staff, mandatory tip and limited (and marginal) menu to make the compromise worth it?

I feel the difference between Toys ‘R Us in Times Square and FAO Schwartz a few blocks away on 5th Avenue. Does the crass commercialism of Toys ‘R Us really work for them or do they just benefit from a great location and “wow” ferris wheel? Just what is it that makes FAO Schwartz so different when they sell a lot of the same toys?

I move from being annoyed that the electronic signs at the train station only show me the useless information of the calendar date. Is this a conscious choice by the MTA or an oversight? Is it helping or hurting their story? Or do they just think they don’t need one?

It’s fascinating to see the world through some slightly different lenses.Bookmark and Share

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