Grabbing on tighter because the world is spinning

By now, you probably know that I’m heading to New York for the next six months to study with Seth Godin. Going to the Buddha, if you will. Still in shock, still freaking out about how I’m going to do this, overwhelmed with good wishes and people who actually want me to do a webcast. (Seriously?) And trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m one of the people Seth is talking about when he says this group is full of astonishing people. Gaah. Not to be too fanboy or anything, but Seth Godin – !!!! – is talking about me. I’ve been reading for years about all kinds of great people Seth uses as examples and now, he’s talking about me. Apparently the first thing I need to learn is that I’m far more amazing than I give myself credit for. Which is a tough lesson I’ve been trying to figure out for something like, um, 38 years now.

I had a lot more time to prepare mentally and logistically when I went to grad school for real. You have to to get through all the hoops required for that. This feels like we’re doing the 40-yard dash version. Which means things are kind of just blurring past me in the mad rush. I keep thinking about weird things – like if I’ll have the budget for haircuts or if this is a good time to start growing my hair again to donate – and there are much more practical things to worry about.

It would be just my luck for the Amazing Race people to call me in a few weeks to see if I could come to film season 14 in April. But ya know, I’m thinking that the impossible is a lot more possible now.

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