Getting close to vacation time!!

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means vacation time for most people. I don’t have kids (thank goodness!), so I’m not necessarily tied to summer. In fact, I prefer to take vacation during school just to ensure my chosen locale isn’t swamped with out-of-control children whose parents don’t understand their jobs are 24/7/365. (I’ll give them leap day off.)

Anyway, we had really had our hearts set on going to Italy this year, but my cheap little soul just can’t see paying $10,000 for a vacation. (I wrote about this dilemma on this lens.) We can try again in a couple of years, since I’ll likely be going back to Africa on a mission trip next year.

It’s actually working out a little better for us anyway as we are taking several short trips (some of them together!), including one for my dad’s 60th birthday party. And, the impending move of the Yankees out of Yankee stadium has us finally taking action to go to NYC during baseball season instead of after it. This will be our 12th different stadium, I think. Need to go back to count again. And make a lens about our baseball adventures!

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