Defining the boundaries

I’m on the mailing list for Right to the Heart ministries, which occasionally has some useful thoughts and materials for me to ponder. I received an email from them today promoting various books to consider adding to one’s personal or ministry library. Looking through the list, I was struck by the topics they chose: marriage helps, grief, cancer, general crisis, parenting, handicapped children, evangelism, friendships.

This got me to thinking. (Surprise! 🙂 Where do we define the boundaries of women’s ministry in churches? Many of the issues covered by these books would seem to me to be the responsibility of the church as a whole, not the women’s ministry. However, I know that there are times when a church-wide ministry is started within a narrower ministry.

So if we see a need, do we just choose to start it in the women’s area and hope it grows to a church-wide ministry? Or is it better to push for it to be church-wide to start with?

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