Brunch rehash

We had our annual spring brunch a couple of weeks ago. Generally good comments back from everyone. Our church is in a bit of a transition phase with members leaving during the pastor search process and during the early part of our new pastor’s tenure and new members coming in. So there were a lot of new faces this year, although our numbers were down.

This was my fifth brunch to do and things went pretty smoothly, despite the typical huge problem. Last year it was my speaker discovering two weeks before the brunch that she had to go to Europe that weekend. This year, a crisis with our church’s servers meant that none of our set-up or sound had been taken care of. But that was easily taken care of.

My musing right now is this – if it gets to the point where you can phone it in, is it time for a change? Many of these women were experiencing our brunch activity for the first time, so it was all new to them. However, we’ve been doing pretty much the same format for five years now. So when do we make the decision to change things? And what exactly should change? Dinner instead of brunch? Full-length drama instead of a speaker? How do you change up a brunch that is one of your most successful events?

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