The Susan who says “Pbbbt!”

Buy at Art.comIt’s been a crazy few days. Seth blogged about the SAMBA program, talking about my team project and my job hunt site, Susan Hires A Boss. On top of that, I launched a new business serving up games played on Twitter.

And at every turn, there was someone I didn’t know waiting to tell me I was doing it wrong – usually in the nice private forum of email. To which I am learning to say, “Pbbbt!”

It’s been an effort to be bemused rather than upset by strangers feeling they have the right to tell me my business plan is all backwards, my attitude is pretentious or my tweets are boring. There is no relationship there, so what makes them feel they have the credibility to take up the topic with me?

I have had comments from others – people I know, whose opinions mean something to me. They may have said exactly the same thing but because there’s a relationship there, a bond, a history – I take time to listen to them.

To the rest of you, I say “Pbbt”. I’ve apparently started the move from good student to headstrong visionary. I’ll let you know when I get to mature and can say something else.


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