Think green, not pink, when talking to women

Not sure if it’s just the not being a girly-girl thing, but I find it just a little revolting that the first reaction for people wanting to market to women is to make everything pink. I’d rather have it in red, purple or lime green before I’d take pink.

Andrea over at Learned on Women has often ranted about this because pink does not a market for women make. She talks today about a different color, though, that is making headway with women – green. I’m personally far more responsive to a company that is attempting to be responsive in turn to how it can make a difference in the world around it. This goes for Whole Food encouraging people to bring their own reusable bag rather than take a disposable one (I get a 5-cent discount! Whee!) and the awesome Soles United recycling program from Crocs. For me, the green thing doesn’t have to be that the product is environmentally friendly. It’s about helping me execute on the small ways in which I can make a difference – less packaging, easier recycling, gentle incentives. Much more appealing than “NOW IN PINK!!”

Photo by Cyron on flickr and used under a Creative Commons license.

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