I am reasonably anti-social. Sorry about that. It generally means I don’t initiate relationships, but I am always responsive to those who do. (That sounds a little stuck-up, but that’s not it. I’m horrifically shy, really. I hide it well. Working on it.) To that end, here’s the best way for you to start a conversation with me.

Leave one. I promise I respond. You make my day with those and I want – no need – to hear a different side of the conversation.

Nope, I’m not likely to follow you. But if you @ me, I will engage. That said, a real conversation is better done in comments where there is no 140-character limit. @SusanVLewis

I try, I really do. But there’s something about email that makes it just difficult for me to get back with people in a timely fashion. I’m not Seth, who is the king of email responses. That’s how he’s chosen to engage. I’d rather keep conversations in public where everyone can benefit. But if you just have to send email, you can reach me at susan at

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