About It’s My Life …

Quite the self-centered sounding name, huh? Well, it’s what this blog is about. But in two different ways.

Yes, it’s about my life. It’s a place to share my passion for books, beautiful things and small changes. For motorcycles, quilting, family. A chronicle of progress not toward perfection, but improvement with the understanding that attempts at perfection often get in the way. (Or always, in my case.) And yes, that’s the somewhat narcissistic part.

The flip side is my passion for liberty and that it’s my life. As in, I own me – which is what freedom is all about. Part of this blog is a place to work out my thoughts on this score and how I reconcile the apparent contradictions between my worldly philosophy and my religious beliefs.

About You

You’re brilliant, beautiful and I love you. I hope you’re here not because you agree with me, but because you’re also tackling life’s challenges and I am offering you a new thought on them. I hope you’re here to participate in the conversation, not just read and run. I hope we’ll be making progress together and not stumbling in the dark alone. Thanks for being here.

About Susan

I’m a former sports writer turned public relations specialist turned marketing maven. Part of the one and only alternative MBA program in the country, hired my own boss, run a tiny Squidoo empire and am the marketing side of The Same Coin.


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