Tech Company Business Cards

These simple business cards were for a brand new company, so we were defining the company’s style and brand as we went. The front uses the same orange accent color that was applied to the website. The back shows an alternate color application for the logo.

Financial Coach Business Cards

This client wanted distinctive business cards that would share her financial philosophy. I created a series of small Moo cards with six different quotes or sayings on the back, each done in three different color variations. The card design carried over elements from other stationery items already created.

Service Flyer

Client asked for a single page flyer that could be sent to anyone asking for a brief rundown of the firm’s qualifications in working with corporate clients. The overall design was coordinated to the look we had created for other pieces used in the firm’s marketing.

Business Cards

These are my business cards with a design coordinated to this website. I took the background graphic from the home page and worked it up in 20 different color combinations, all using some form of orange. Each of those became the back of a card with six shown here. These…

Support Advertising

Annual ad for the accounting firm supporting one of its clients. I developed the concept, message and design, with the later tweaked and updated each year. 2017 ad 2016 ad 2015 ad

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