Catching up on knitting projects

It would seem my blogging can’t keep up with my knitting. And I’m a really slow knitter (it feels like) so that’s not saying much for my blogging, now is it?

In fact, since I took these pictures, I’ve gotten quite a bit farther with the projects. But I haven’t taken new pictures. Lazy!

And of course, I thought I had taken a picture of my first three real projects – scarves for my sister, sister-in-law and niece – but they’re nowhere to be found. But trust me, I made three actual and quite lovely scarves. I’m over the demented potholder phase.

Before I tackled a sweater, I wanted to practice some of the techniques necessary, so I took on a hat. And it came out quite well! (I’m apparently short headed as well as short waisted, so ended up folding the edge.) So on to sweaters! Time to stop drooling over patterns and actually make something.

So, of course, I had to start two at the same time. Sigh. The blue one, I actually have the back completed and am halfway up the front now. The stitch order isn’t hard, but it is involved. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed it up and had to take it apart. I am the queen of unknitting now, let me tell you. The cream one is a long tunic done in the simplest stitch possible, but gave me a chance to try out circular needles. And I’ve gotten to the top and gotten stuck on the instructions. Fortunately, the yarn shop near my house offers a class called “Help Me With My Project” and I’m going to take it over there so I can count it done.

And of course, I already have a stash going. In this pile is yarn for another sweater and another scarf. And I have a box coming today from an online yarn store with more. (Although, I was a very good girl and picked out projects, then picked out yarn. So it’s not aimless yarn just sitting in the closet, but does have a purpose and will get used.)

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