Kung Fu Panda is still rocking

Given the great success I had with my Kung Fu Panda lens over at Squidoo, I’m embarrassed to admit I just saw the movie for the first time this weekend. I picked up the widescreen edition during a Black Friday sale since I knew we’d want to have it and watch it multiple times. My biggest disappointment was how little screen time and voice time everyone but Po (Jack Black) had, particularly Monkey, voiced by Jackie Chan. Seriously. He didn’t have enough lines for you to figure out it was him. My hubby never even noticed.

Anyway, I’m still getting lots of traffic and making a few sales as people are shopping for Christmas gifts (back in the top 100 lenses). I’ll be waiting until after the holidays to give this lens a complete make-over. Still trying to figure out what that would look like, anyway. There’s going to be a sequel (in 2010), but I might just start over with a new lens at that point. So any brilliant thoughts out there as to what continues to be valuable on a lens of a movie that’s soon to be a has-been?

Among the things I have continued to add though are more shirts (finally available at Amazon) and bedding and watches over at eBay. Not entirely sure why you can get these things on eBay when you can’t find them in “normal” stores. Hmmm.

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