Next Squidoo goal met, but need some motivation

Buy at Art.comWell, with the publication of my lens on Amanda Seyfried (of Mamma Mia and Veronica Mars fame), I have passed my goal of 125 lenses. Rah. I thought I’d be more excited than this. But you know, as the list has gotten longer (and the competition keeps growing!), I’m finding myself a little blah about a bunch of my stuff. It feels as though I have far too many lenses in the basement (although I understand why each one is there) and far too little in the $ column (and that was the second part of the goal – making more affiliate money). I’m getting something probably 3-4 of 7 days of the week, but I want more. (Why? Because it’s a competition and I want to win!) How badly? Enough to start buying e-books that Buy at Art.compeople promise will revolutionize my earnings? Or buy products “guaranteed” to make me money using Clickbank? Sigh. I’m cheap and cynical. I might need to just start looking at this a little bit like Jennifer and Victoria do and spend money because it is “market research”. Sigh. I don’t even buy real books; I’m a huge library user. (Missed out on my latest excuse to buy a book. Too slow. Sigh.)

Yep, feeling a bit like an Eeyore at the moment. Not looking for lots of comments to cheer me up. Just logging my state of mind. I’m a moody sort, so I tend to bounce back and forth between Tigger and Eeyore anyway.

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