How to Boil Eggs

Buy at Art.comSo I never really learned the “how” of how to boil eggs as I was growing up. Not that my mom never boiled eggs – we had them in our tuna fish all the time. But her method pretty much consisted of put the eggs on the stove and come back to get them if you remember. Result? I grew up thinking that the yolks were supposed to be pale and with a green coat.

When I started a low-carb way of eating, eggs became a key food source and hard-boiled an easy way to eat them. Which meant I had to learn how to cook hard-boiled eggs. After a lot of research, a little trial and error, I finally got the system down easily and efficiently. There’s a lot of info out there on boiling eggs, but so much of it is conflicting or confusing. And, as it turns out, most people looking for directions just want to know how long to cook them to make Easter eggs. Funny! So of course, my expertise is now encapsulated for all to see in a new lens. Enjoy your yummy eggs!

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