Donated my Crocs!!

Well, I am now Crocs-less. I fulfilled my pledge to donate my Crocs yesterday, taking them to the Crocs store at the Dallas Galleria. Bye-bye, my well-traveled shoes! I hope they get to go back to Africa.

Just to fill in those of you who might not know, Crocs has a program called Soles United where you can recycle your old Crocs. The old shoes are ground up to make material for new shoes, which are then sent around the world to places where people need them. Just take your Crocs to a retailer that’s taking them and get ready to buy a new pair! They just stuffed mine down into a special Soles United bag – which I’m delighted to say was already almost full! – and that was it.

One of the nice things about taking my shoes to the Crocs store (well, booth, actually) was that I got to see some of the new models in person. Back when I bought my baby blue Beach model, there were no men’s/women’s and like two or three styles. And one of those was the boot. The big news was that they were going to be coming out with a flip-flop soon! Now, there are so many models, it’s a little overwhelming. But the good news is that you can get the fabulous comfort and anti-bacterial protection in something with a little more flair.

Let’s start with what I thought was the cutest new style – the Capri Canvas flip-flop. Just adorable. They come in four different colors – brown, black, coral (Pulse) and orange (Mango). These are probably the best option for people wanting the comfort but not the “Croc” look.

Crocs Sassari (Women's) - Black/WhiteOne of the ones I really wanted to see in person was the Sassari wedge. It looks cute in the picture, but I just wasn’t really sure about how it would play in person. It’s actually not bad, although I think it would be best in the colors other than black to keep it fun. Just looks too heavy otherwise. Comes in sea foam, celery, red, brown, black and pink.

Continuing the canvas theme, there’s a new model called the Santa Cruz, which is a canvas slip on with the Crosslite sole. They had a blue toile print one at the stand, but they do come in solid colors as well. This is another case where there’s a change in that there’s a mens and a womens version.

My only warnings after seeing the new shoes would be to order the new heels or ballerina slippers with care. Not attractive in certain colors.

So now I just have to decide what I want and a color. This is going to be a tough one!! Stay tuned.