Almost time for my hair donation!

Well, my target date for donating my hair is Memorial Day weekend now. The longest part of my hair is now 16 inches long! I only need 8 inches to make the donation (to Pantene’s program), but need to account for another inch or so at least for making the cut, then a little more for cutting a style. So I could actually keep it just below my shoulders in length. But I’m thinking a little shorter than that.

I’ve added some pictures of styles I kind of like to my hair donation lens. (If you ever wanted to know about how and where to donate your hair, I’ve got it covered!) I’ve asked friends (both real-life and online) to go vote on the style they think I should go for. I’m going to take votes until the middle of May, then use that to help me make a choice.

I getting really excited about cutting this mop off! It’s been 18 months and it looks really shaggy now.